Computer Case Project

Over the Christmas holidays (2003), I was working on a fancy case for my computer. It was a mirrored box which would have the motherboard on a tilted platform inside it.

The motherboard was held up by acrylic rods, which were an incredible nuisance to make. I had to get all the lengths right, and sand the ends at an angle! By the way, I wasn't using Elmers. I did it right with the official acrylic glue that I bought at the TAP plastics place. Unfortunately, that stuff only works when the edges you are gluing are perfectly flush.

The drive bays were mirrored, and I made them vertical after I took this shot.

Unfortunately, the glue I was using just wasn't strong enough, and while I was doing the final assembly, pieces kept snapping off! I got so annoyed with the project that I pushed the whole thing off my desk in frustation, thinking I would finish it later. But when it hit the floor (even on carpet!) it shattered into a dozen pieces.

The next morning, I looked at the mess and what I had available, and built this case (the power supply and drives are on the back, with the motherboard and DVD on the front.

I used that for a month or so, but got annoyed by the sound of the fan. I considered adding a clear door to the front, but was sick of working with plastic by that time. So I just bought a cheap case for the computer and called it quits. Live and learn!

by Michael Goodfellow.
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