Converting my van to an RV, Part 2

Sheesh, this is a lot of work!

When I wrote part 1 back on March 24, I thought I was a couple of days away from having this installed in the van. Today is April 10, and it's mostly done. There have been a number of setbacks...

At the end of the last note, I was installing the bed casters. They turned out to make the bed too wide. I had counted the width of the wheel, but not the width of the rail and the head of the screw. I almost cut down the width, but the bed is short already. So I just recessed the wheels. Hopefully, they won't bind against the mattress when it's in.

Version 1Version 2

Next, the keyboard tray went in. As I suspected, the surface was too high, so I had to cut down the legs. It turned out to be right for another reason -- the table top would have blocked the lower part of the windows in the van.

Then for the sink and some minor touches -- a lock to keep the bed from rolling out while I'm driving, and some reinforcement of the desktop, which still feels a bit wobbly to me.

One bad omen at this point -- I was tightening a screw and it broke! This made me even more nervous about putting this thing in the back of a bouncy van!

Finally, it was done and ready to be taken apart and reassembled in the van.


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